Monday, April 5

fuck: not the word you want to hear at work

today i made my student teacher cry
then i had to have a meeting with a colleague that i did not want to have
later a student lost his marbles
yelling at me - something to the tune of
you mother fucker,
i hate this fucking class,
you are such a dumb ass
because that is the kind of abuse that i deserve
because someone did not teach him better
because he wanted to see how i would react in front of the class
because things were not going bad enough
then a student that has been kicked out of school
came to my classroom door
opened it
came right in and asked his friend
from accross the room
for his locker combination
he did not leave when i asked
he did not get in trouble for being in our building
these are the days that i do not feel like i can keep teaching
no consequences
no voice for myself
two ice creams later
i want to quit my job

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