Wednesday, November 17

For the Love of Snail Mail

Recently I started a new hobby with the help of PostCrossing. I send a post card out into the world and receive one back in return from some other location. I dropped my first in the post today - on its way to Moscow, Russia.

Tuesday, November 16

Current Reads

Skinny Bitch: I greatly enjoy the no-nonsense approach of the authors, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin - they definitely have the "tough love" thing down. And, at times they are quite funny with their not-so-lady-like language, like when they inform the reader that yes, "You need to exercise, you lazy shit." (Yes, I do).  I also appreciated their information about the American meat industry, the marketing of gross food that has no nutritional value and is chemically fortified. It has given me reason to pause and think about what I am putting into my body. As for not drinking soda, liquid satin they claim, done. Coffee, however? I'll think about it as soon as I am not up at four am with a toddler, trudging through a day of eleventh graders and ending it all with a sea of tattle-telling cheerleaders.

Luxe - a guilty pleasure. If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, then this nineteenth century series of scandal and glamor will be right up your alley.

Water for Elephants - Just beginning it, but have heard good things.

Monday, November 15


My Heart and Other Things...
I have a monster of chores stacked against me right now.
We decided to flip our living rooms;
make the former television room a sitting area
and the previous study a man-cave.
My husband now has the room of his dreams - 
big screen,
oversize sofa,
vinyl collection and
guitars all around him.
I now have a piano room,
a place that we are not yet sure how to use,
but think we need to entertain and at least let people sit and look at how pretty it is.

This weekend I had another blow-out with my mom. I was on my way to visit her when an unfortunate verbal exchange took place and was overheard by my to-be-sister-in-law. 

Long story short: I wanted my mom's attention,
was calling her on my way to visit her and she was blowing me off on the phone because she was with my aforementioned sister,
I yelled, (in the mature twenty-something manner that I do),
 "I am your daughter, not her!"
Jenny heard.
She cried.
I cried.
Mom cried.
Everyone freaked out and it was this huge ordeal.

I went on to visit, 
but just wanted to go home.
I have pent-up anger and resentment towards my mom about some past issues.
My comment really had nothing to do with sister-in-law-to-be;
it had everything to do with me.
I called my aunt and tried to get her sympathy. She told me that I should never say anything that I do not want other people to hear. She did not give me the answer and the "oh, it is okay" that I wanted.

All goodness is restored, but it was a bitch of a day, that Saturday.
I've got to move the jealousy out,
re-arrange my heart,
forgive my mom for our beef,
not let innocent people be crushed along the way.

Forgive me, Jenny?
I hope so.
Forgive you mom?
I hope soon.

Love you both.

Love, Sarah