Sunday, November 7

New Project: Threads

This project is has been being produced in my mind for quite some time now. It is not until now that I have taken the leap.

Previously, I have frequently posted on my mommy blog, but have realized that a piece of myself is missing there. It is all about my daughter, and while I love it, I do not like to include any of my thoughts-too-personal because much of my family reads it. Truly, it is missing the brutal honesty of everyday; it is sugar-coated and happy.

It is not to say that I am not happy or that I do not love sugar-coated-baby-goodness, but a girl has got to get some stuff out from time to time! I need an outlet for my own self, my own creativity, without it being mommy centered.  I need a place to talk, even if nobody cares to listen. I am needing something more; I use writing as an outlet to heal, to vent, to celebrate myself and capture my creativity without worry of who may or may not be watching.

Here, at my little place of composition,  I fully intend to reflect upon my own current stages in life, try to resolve some past conflicts that are truly eating me, get to the bottom of my body image issues, capture my sartorial style because my-oh-my I love clothes, share memories, passions and collections. My outlet. My place. My personal threads.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.
Peace and love.

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